I Think I'm Right






I think therefore I am

Living in a plastic world.

Everyone about me seems

Cookie-cutter perfect, sugar coated white.

But I, candy-colored swirled,

Have no place in the plasticine scheme.


I see therefore I know

A world of barriers and walls.

Everyone has their cubicle

In which they fit so snug.

But I, oddly enough, do not seem at all

To fit in any slot, hole, or receptacle.


I hear therefore I understand

There exists a world so fake.

Everyone proclaims individuality

As they move along in a pack.

But I stand alone, my own path I make.

For I do not know how to be


Lost in mediocrity,

Living in a plastic world,

Cookie-cutter perfect, sugar coated white.

Pardon my non-conformity,

But I like being candy-colored swirled.

Besides, I Think I'm Right.